Meet Sarah

bioimg4Hi there! I’m Sarah and I’m so glad you’re here to learn more about me and what I do.

Plain and simple, I love photographs. Growing up, I remember going into my mom’s closet many, many times and lugging out a massive box of photographs she had collected and piles of beautiful leather albums she had put together. I would scour through these images for hours looking at the visual record of our growing family . . . the happiness, the tears, the changes . . . the very moments that defined my childhood. Now, as an adult, as a wife, and as mommy of a growing boy and baby girl, photographs hold even more meaning to me. Life with kids is fast-paced, fleeting and spontaneous. I need to be able to look back over the years at something very real and tangible and remember all of the little details that make it all so special . . . all of the very moments that will define the rest of my life.

In college, I studied architecture and was also introduced to black and white film photography. Exposure to crucial fundamentals of design such as composition, framing, and the consideration of light still heavily influence my work. I remember the very first thing my photography professor said in lecture, “Photography is like painting with light.” These are all things, fifteen years later, I still keep in mind every time I pick up a camera. Additionally, I fell in love with the process of film photography. There was something so magical about being engaged in a moment, trying to capture its essence with one click of a button, and then having that moment reappear before my eyes under the gentle waves of the film developer, frozen forever onto a beautiful piece of photographic paper. As a result, while I strive to be relevant in a digital world, I will always maintain a strong belief in the printed image. A beautiful, high-end piece of art, both strong in the fundamentals of design and emotional meaning, hanging on the wall of someone’s home will never be old-fashioned.

When I’m not working, you can find me spending time with my family in Portland, Oregon where we just bought our “Forever House.” I will no doubt be off outside somewhere on some fabulous, magical childhood adventure. . . chasing after butterflies, stomping through mud, climbing trees, finding the odd bit of sand to stick our toes in, or enjoying ice cream in the park. I continue to enjoy childhood over and over again not only through my children’s eyes, but also through the eyes of all the other little people with whom I have had the pleasure working.

If you are interested in a photosession, let’s get together over some coffee (I’ll bring the goodies!) and chat more about you and your family and how we can best capture and preserve your own special memories. One of my top priorities as a photographer is guiding you through every step of the process to make it as stress-free for you and your family as possible, whether it be location selection, clothing coordination, or deciding how best to display your images. I am available any time to chat and answer questions via phone, email, or in person.

I look forward to meeting you!!